Book Readings

At Dock’s End


Book Trailers and Reading Audience

Lark Holds the Key – Ages 5+

Lark and the Diamond Caper – Ages 5+

The Not So Secret Case Files of Billy Vale, P.I. – Ages 9+

At Dock’s End – Ages 9+

Sleight of Hand – Ages 9+

True Grime – Ages 9+

Retribution series video – Ages 11+

Burned trailer video – Ages 11+

Terminate trailer video – Ages 11+

Book trailer for Gatekeeper – Ages 12+

Book trailer for Guardian – Ages 12+

Book trailer for Game’s End – Ages 12+


Student Q & A 

What inspired me to become an author

My writing process

Where do I get my story ideas 

Questions about my life; working as a writer

Questions about the life of an author

Questions and Answers with In the Key of Nira Ghani


Resources/Tips for Writing & Story-Telling

How real life inspires novels (novel insight: Across the Floor)

How real life can inspire fiction (novel insight: Guardian)

Creating character & writing the unlikable protagonist (novel insight: Guardian)

Deciding genre when writing a novel (novel insight: Guardian)

Writing character (novel insight: The Retribution Series/Burned)

Writing intertwined stories (novel insight: The Retribution Series/Burned)

Writing Realistic/Contemporary Fiction (novel insight: In the Key of Nira Ghani)

Motivation/Encouragement for Finishing Your Story (novel insight: In the Key of Nira Ghani)


Examples & Excerpts of Natasha’s works

Billy Vale (Grade 2+, ages 7 and up) – mystery

True Grime (Grade 4+, ages 10 and up) – urban fantasy

At Dock’s End (Grade 5+, ages 10 and up)) – historical mystery

In My Skin (Grade 5+, ages 10 and up) – creative non-fiction

Seeing Mary (Grade 4+, ages 9 and up) – ghost story

When I Grow Up (Grade 6+, ages 11 and up) – creative non-fiction/postcard