Well, that was a glorious fail!

Yesterday’s thought: I’m going to do 15 minutes on one book then 15 minutes on another book, and so on, and maybe that way, I’ll get traction on one story.

Yesterday’s reality: Grabbed my husband, the furry ones, and streamed Scott & Bailey until bed time.


Today’s another day, though, right?


Journaling as a writing primer

Back in the day, I used to be pretty good with my online blog. But then, family members got sick and some passed away, and in the meantime, the online conversation seemed to polarize itself with people shouting louder and louder, and no one wanting (it seemed) to hear each other.

I’m not one for being shouted at, so I stepped back, then stepped back, until I was hardly (if ever) blogging.

But now, I have a redesigned website and it seems only right to come back to the digital page and take up the pen, once more.

I’m looking forward to the writing as a way to prime myself for the story work. I’ve been in a state of limbo for the last two weeks, trying to sort through which project to do next. The problem isn’t a lack of ideas. It’s the opposite. I have too many ideas. And like many authors, I have 4 or 5 books that are in a state of partial completion, put down for a variety of reasons, and I fret whether to start something new or finish what I’ve started.

So, for the next week…um, okay, today, I’m going to try 15 minutes/idea. And then tomorrow, I’m going to try that, again. And I hope by doing this, I’ll finally find some traction on the story.


My most-least-favourite four-letter word

Good. There, I’ve said it. Good. Good is a perfectly acceptable word. In many cases, it’s one of my favourite words. When I don’t like the word “good” is when it’s in the context of things that writers say. Like, “Can you read this and tell me if it’s any good?” or “Yeah, I don’t want to share. It’s not good.” read more…


(I’m in the passenger seat, Dad’s driving, Mom’s in the back)

Mom: Turn on Thickson
Dad: Dickson??
Mom: Thickson!
Dad: Erickson?
Mom: Boy, yah nah hear meh?
Dad: Where do I turn?!
Mom: Eh, nah, man, is deh same name deh bois call deh sexy gyrls back home!
Dad: Thick? Oh, Thickson!

And that, friends, is how my parents give each other driving directions

The Best Start to 2018

Photo credit @cipriann | unsplash.com

Reuniting a lost pup with their owner is the best kind of start to the new year—especially as 2018 has begun with a sharp -30, plus wind chill.

Here’s to hot chocolate, warm paws, and snuggles between people and those with puppy noses.

It’s all about the equipment

Photo credit: Greg Rakozy | @grakozy | Unsplash

This winter, Edmonton has experienced an unseasonable amount of balmy temperatures. So much so, the dog park has a thin ice warning at its entrance. Plus, dog walkers are walking with icers (spikes) on their feet as the combination of temperatures and wind makes for an ice rink rather than a snowy trail.

As I watch some of the walkers slip, slid, and shiver their way down the main path, I’m reminded of how important the proper equipment can be. Snow boots, mitts, thermals, etc. It’s amazing how the proper coat can turn dog walking from a chore into an activity you don’t want to end. read more…


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