lark goes the distance by author Natasha Deen

Lark Goes the Distance

Kate’s watch has been stolen!

Lark and Connor Ba are off to the park to set up for the Run in the Sun fundraiser. But trouble is brewing: Their friend Kate’s heirloom watch has been stolen! The thief left a note of warning—she must drop out of the race, or she’ll never see the watch again. Everyone knows how important this race is to Kate, especially her little sister Nola, who has seen how much she’s trained for it.

Lark, Connor and their friends interview people around the course and try to find the culprit. There are several people with motives, including Timothy, who’s super competitive, and even Kate herself, whose time in the race hasn’t been as good as she’d hoped. They have only until 3:00 pm to find the culprit or Kate might lose her watch forever.

Includes bonus material, as Lark shares the meanings behind her favorite words and idioms from the story. Lark Goes the Distance is the seventh title in the Lark Ba Detective series, following Lark Steals the ShowLark Has the Shivers, Lark and the Dessert DisasterLark Takes a BowLark and the Diamond Caper and Lark Holds the Key.


Lark Steals the Show by Natasha Deen

Lark Steals the Show

Crime Writers of Canada 2023 Award of Excellence Nominee

It’s a good thing young sleuths Lark and Connor Ba are always prepared because mysteries find them wherever they go.

Lark and Connor are excited to visit the local art gallery where some of their classmates have been invited to exhibit their paintings. But when their friend Franklin is accused of stealing Kyle’s masterpiece, the twins are sure Franklin is being framed – especially because Kyle has been nothing but mean to Franklin. Now the detectives are in a race to prove their friend’s innocence as they collect clues and sort through red herrings. Will this be Lark and Connor’s first unsolved case and is their friend doomed to be painted with a guilty brush?

Includes bonus material as Lark shares the meanings behind her favorite words and idioms from the story. This is the sixth title in the Lark Ba Detective series, following Lark Has the Shivers, Lark and the Desert Disaster, Lark Takes a Bow, Lark and the Diamond Caper and Lark Holds the Key.

A realistic and funny character. Young readers will find the format inviting with the amusing black and white illustrations by Marcus Cutler and the short chapters and well-spaced text…The themes of problem-solving steps, bullying, persevering and appreciating differences provide relevant topics for discussion.
-CM Magazine


Lark Has the Shivers by Natasha Deen

Lark Has the Shivers

2023 TD Summer Reading Club Recommended Read

The summer is for sleuthing, and Lark and Connor have been served a double helping!

It’s time for the annual pet fair and the twins have been hard at work teaching their dog, Max, some new tricks. But on their way to the fairgrounds, they’re offered not one, but two intriguing cases.

Pets from the pet show have gone missing and their guardians are blaming each other for the disappearances. Meanwhile, Lark and Connor’s frenemy, Sophie, thinks her house might be haunted and refuses to go inside. The twins split up to solve the mysteries, but can they find the vanished pets and the source of the spooky noises before the show has to start?

Lark Has the Shivers is the fifth title in the Lark Ba Detective series, following Lark and the Desert Disaster, Lark Takes a Bow, Lark and the Diamond Caper and Lark Holds the Key.

Deen once again provides an exciting and amusing story for her readers…Emergent readers will enjoy this engaging early chapter book. Highly Recommended.
-CM: Canadian Review of Materials


Lark Holds the Key

CCBC Best Books Starred Selection

It’s the third day of summer vacation, and Lark’s halmoni -that’s Korean for grandmother – has promised to take Lark and her twin brother, Connor, to the library. Only trouble is, they arrive to discover that the town librarian is missing her key to the library. Lucky for her, Lark just happens to be a budding private eye. Can rookie detectives Lark and Connor solve this mystery and recover the lost key? Lark Holds The Key is the first book in the Lark Ba detective.

Although there are many labels that could be placed on this short chapter book’s protagonist, none of them matter to the plucky little heroine who loves to read…the subjects of race and learning disabilities are incorporated neatly…Lark is a mixed-race girl debuting a lighthearted series.”
-Kirkus Reviews

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Lark and the Diamond Caper

49th Shelf Selection

Rookie detectives Lark and Connor Ba are back on the case! When a pair of diamond earrings goes missing from the neighborhood general store, Lark and Connor just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Carefully mining the adults for clues, the twin sleuths work together to solve the mystery.

Engaging sequel to Lark Holds the Key…Lark’s candid narration features crossed-out words she misspells, as well as other misunderstandings andmalapropisms, that reflect her tricky relationship with language (she’s dyslexic), and Cutler’s digital illustrations bring the children’s multicultural community tolife.”
-Publishers Weekly

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Lark Takes a Bow by Natasha Deen

Lark Takes a Bow

Mysteries seem to follow Lark and Connor Ba wherever they go, and today is no exception! The part-time detectives head to their local community theater to rehearse the play they are in, only to discover that someone is playing pranks on the theater company. The twin sleuths need to work quickly to catch the culprit before one more prank closes down the play for good. It’s showtime, Lark and Connor!

Because of Lark Takes a Bow’s humour and entertaining characters, readers will look forward to further books in this series and might venture into exploring other mystery books. Highly Recommended.”
-CM Magazine

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Dessert Disaster by Natasha Deen

Lark and The Dessert Disaster

2022 TD Summer Reading Club Recommended Read

Lark and Connor are judges for the annual baking contest at the community center. When they arrive, they discover that someone has destroyed a contestant’s entry. And not just any contestant’s entry – Sophie’s! Sophie is Lark’s best friend (she just doesn’t know it yet). The twin sleuths can’t simply roll with it. To save the contest they’ll have to take a whisk risk and start investigating the other contestants. With the timer ticking, Lark and Connor have to find the culprit before someone actually takes the cake.

With their distinctive banter, the mixed-race Ba twins (of Korean and Kenyan descent) carefully search for clues, their methodical process encouraging readers to solve the mystery along with them – This is a solid and growing detective series for transitioning readers, with a dyslexic multicultural heroine”an inspiring role model for today’s world.
-Kirkus Reviews


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