Originally posted Wednesday, February 21, 2007:

If you’ve been over at Scribes, then you’ll know about me & William…William with whom I’ve spent the majority of my past week, who has taken my every thought, my every emotion. I’ve snuck out of bed & made excuses with my husband, just to be with William. Ah, William with the Tall, Broad and Hard. There’s never been a writing wall like William.

And now that I’ve taken advice and decorated William with hanging vines, comfy chairs and an i-pod, William’s not half bad to be around. But the thing that kept bothering me was: Why did William show up now?

I was on a roll, I was writing, I was fierce.

And that’s why he showed up – at least, for me. I think I got ahead of myself, started tackling more and more, and in the end, I just overwhelmed myself. It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to write 10 pages today.” It’s a whole other thing to say, “I’m going to write the entire book, clean my house, walk my dogs, cure cancer and learn to play the trumpet, today.”

So, I’m scaling back. Dust mites will cheer, the trumpet will just have to wait.

A day is meant to be taken one minute at a time, savoured and experienced, not rushed through hour by hour….at least, for me.