Originally posted Friday December 29, 2006

In between thoughts such as “If I unbutton my jeans, can I have an extra helping of turkey?” “Since milk chocolate has milk, can it be considered part of the dairy food group, and if so, can I have it for breakfast?” “Can I use that same line of logic for wine and the fruit food group?” I had another thought “2007 is almost here…what are my goals?”

And it made me curious, thinking about what I wanted to accomplish…curious about my friends. What did they want to do in 2007?

My tag is this: Now that 2007 is almost upon us, give me (at least) three resolutions you plan to accomplish by the end of the year.

Wait, before you start typing, let me clarify what I’m looking for. I don’t want anything like, “Oh, I plan on finishing 3 chapters,” or “Lose 5 pounds,” and definitely nothing like “achieve world peace.”

No. I want nothing of the sort. No ego or super-ego proclaimations. What I want, is ID. Pure impulse-instinct-hedonistic-pleasure-won’t-do-the-world-a-lick-of-good-resolutions. Things like:

(1) I plan on eating chocolate at least twice a day, preferably, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. In fact, I’m going to eat dessert first on some days.

(2) At least one day every other month (I’d like to say every month, but having been raised by people who viewed rising at 8am as “sleeping in,” the guilt dies hard) I intend to stay in bed. All day. With pajamas – I intend to prove my mother and father wrong, and show that a day spent in bed & p.js will not derail the fragile orbit of the earth.

I need a third resolution, but I have to admit, my super-ego is hyperventalating at the thought of a day in bed and eating chocolate for no apparent reason (I can hear its voice: What? Chocolate? First thing in the morning?! Are you insane? You need fiber, orange juice. You’ve been fasting for at least 8 hours. Sugar will shock your system. Worlds will collapse if you do this, the Yen will go down, Paris Hilton’s hemline will go up – dire consequences await you if you do this…Dont’…DON’T…eat the fiber…eat the fiber…Ha Ha!

I’ve got it, my third resolution:

I plan on cutting down the amount of time I spend thinking.Thinking is over-rated, a cheap harlot in paste jewelry, using candle light to hide the hairy moles on her face…she’s the wizard, pulling levers and shouting, “Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain!”

At least, she is for me. Thinking confuses me, immobilizes me. Too many consequences, too many factors to consider – even simple questions like: What to eat for breakfast? Do I choose bran? cereal? toast – high fiber? white? enrinches? organic? Dang, I can’t even decide what I want to drink without creating a flow chart…

Now, FEELING on the other hand…What do I feel like eating? You know what? I don’t feel like eating anything right now. Doesn’t matter that I should eat, that it’s been drilled into my head that unless I have a cup of tea first thing in the morning, my entire digestive system will grind to a halt.

Feeling is good.

When I think about writing, I’m stymmied: plot, description, passive tense, queries, publishers, agents…when I feel my writing, all I feel is: I want to write…no, wait…I’m getting another feeling…yes, here it is…I feel like writing, while wearing my pajamas, and eating chocolate – ah, with a cup of tea in hand…now, there’s a goal I can get behind!

So Eva, India, Annie, Amanda, Chriancar, Nelly and whomever else would like to partcipate, the question now lies at your beautiful feet.