Originally posted Sunday, February 25, 2007:

Life is one big lesson, they say, and the smart people learn their lessons in every day occurrences. This weekend, I thought I would adopt that attitude and see what I learned. The following is the top 5 things I discovered:

1)When Buddy takes off on to a little walked trail through the woods, he’s not just taking a stroll and I need to follow

2) If my dog bends over something and I can’t see what it is, the prudent move is not to bend over him, but to pull him away THEN check.

3) No matter what tone of voice I use, or words I choose, my dog will never understand that doggy poop is not, in fact, listed on the Canada Food Guide for Canines.

4) In an emergency, snow can be used in place of water & soap.

5) For matters which will remain implicit, I shall never be able to eat refried beans again.