So, I’m thinking I should post. I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot in the past two weeks. In between thoughts like, “How are my pitches?” “Where’s my query?” “What did I do with my bedroom slipper,” and “Can cheesecake be classified as a diary product and eaten (without guilt) for breakfast?” there remains the question “Should I post?”

Well of course I should post. Why else did I get this blog?

Only the ideas for posting flit by my with light speed. Should I wax poetic about my new (like 3 days old) nephew? Talk about the sunshine?


I don’t have a clue. To be totally honest, you know what the pounding thought in my head is? “Is it over, yet?”

It, as in the Conference. I’ve been working towards it since December, and I just want it to be done, over with, a happy memory I think about as I sit on my couch, drinking tea. I’m beyond nervous, took a left at excitement, and am full throttle into the drudgery: where’s my itinerary, don’t forget the toothbrush…

I know the excitement will come back–and be followed by a heaping dose of neurosis. So I suppose in its own way, the drudgery is a bit of a rest stop, a place that I can just stop, and think of the really important things in my life.

Like: “Now where did I put all the extra bag of chocolate?”