I am, I am. Behind. Late.

Have 2 books to send out for review, a few works to critique for friends, 1 book to finish writing, loads of notes for other books to jot down before I forget…

However, all must take a back seat to:
1) Laundry that I have to do on account of being home after trips to Vancouver and Toronto
2) Loads of cuddle time with my puppies
3) Basking in the glow of having Wild Rose Press accept one of my short stories for publication.

Will do a proper post later–have loads of important things to muse upon. Like: I respect the need for sanitary conditions has launched numerous products from hand sanitizers (which I always carry with me) to motion detection appliances in lavatories. But, BUT I for one do not like a toilet flushing when I haven’t even had a chance to–ahem–sit, and by the way, I’m all for the motion activated sinks, but when they go on and off (as in on when you want it off, and off when you want it on) and when it either gives you too little water or too much, it totally drives me batty.

I know, I know. It’s trivial and stupid, but when one lives a practically perfect life, the only things one can find to annoy oneself is the irritations of public restrooms (well, that and referring to myself as “one” and “oneself”). LOL, it really does make me nutty, though. All I want to do is wash my hands and I’m forced to beg and plead for water from the stainless steele Gestapo. Of course, this may also have a lot to do with my being a reluctant flyer and not partial to the wrestling match that is trying to lug luggage into and out of those skinny little stalls. But you know what? God bless the man who decided to have the stalls big enough for us to get suitcases, laptops, handbags, carry-all bags into them!