Saturday June 30th we found the cutest puppy wandering the streets. By found, I mean he darted in front of the vehicle following a woman we assumed to be his owner. But upon watching how she walked (never looking back at him, never seeming to care where he was), we weren’t sure if the little guy was hers. So after much debate, we decided we’d just stalk her and see what happened.

H pulled the truck alongside hers and I asked if the dog was hers. Turns out that it totally wasn’t. I got out of the car and as soon as he saw me, he bounded into my arms. Bounded. Threw himself at me and tried to kiss me to death. And my heart was gone.

Back in the truck, we gave him a quick once-over. He was well-fed, mostly well behaved, toes clipped, new collar (with tags, though it didn’t have his name, just his licence number). I was positive that there was someone going frantic over his disappearance.

We took the him to the pound and put in a Special Consideration–if he’s unclaimed for ten days, we can adopt him. But I really didn’t think he would come to us. I mean, his attitude, appearance. Someone loves this dog. It’s obvious.

Yeah. Well. It’s now the 5th of July and he’s still at the pound and I’m stunned.

I called the pound and said, “Look I don’t want any personal information about the owners, but can you at least tell me if you’ve been able to get a hold of them?”

Yes, they’ve been contacted. They’ve known about the dog since Tuesday (3rd).

Where are these people? Why is this dog still impounded?

I’m trying really hard not to judge them unfairly. Maybe they don’t have a car and have to wait for a relative. Maybe there’s an accident/injury and the puppy will have to stay with the city until the weekend.

I don’t know, but if that was my dog, I would have picked him up as soon as I got the phone call. But he’s not mine. At least, not yet. Maybe never. But every day that goes by with him still there, I’m less impressed with his owners and hoping they just never show and I can have him.

Turns out his parents were on vacation and the sitter “lost” him. The pound will only release to the owners, so the little guy had to wait for mom & dad to come home.