Erina tagged me and I now have to answer the following questions about my seven Ps:

My Passion: Driving my husband crazy. It’s not so much a passion as a life calling.

My Purpose: To be happy. Yeah, I know it should probably be something like “save the world” but why lie? Being happy is a choice and it’s simple, but it ain’t easy. There are so many things that can muck up a day.

All I know is that I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge…have you seen those United Way commercials? One is a guy in his living room. He flips on his light, and suddenly, his house disappears and he’s standing in a vacant lot. He turns it off, house reappears. Then the caption comes on saying something to the effect of: Electricity or rent? Many people can’t afford both.

I can afford both, how can I help but to be happy?

My Pursuit: Humane Society, Volunteering with Literacy for children and adults, NASAP, Santas Anonymous, Books for Schools.

My Position: Human, Person, Woman, Wife, Mother, Writer, Friend, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Loved, Adored, Loves and Adores.

My Pummeling: Perfectionist. Can’t help it…but you know, if I could come to grips with being imperfect, then I’d be perfect!

My Progress: My life exceeds the wildest expectations and hopes. I may complain about myself, but never my life. Never. I can’t even write a book about it, because it’d be rejected with the words: who lives that kind of charmed life? Totally unbelievable.

My personality: I’ll take Sarte’s theories and definitions. He said that we can be “en-soi” so that we define ourselves as nice, kind, etc. The only problem was that if you define yourself that way, then you must always be that way. And nice is nice, but if I’m cornered by a rapist, believe me “nice” will be the least of my definitions of self.

Ergo, I’m a “porsoi” personality, meaning that the sides of me you’ll see are based on the circumstances in which I find myself.

Having said that, there are three standards that I live by: respect, dignity and consequences. So, I believe in giving respect to people; when in a confrontation, I do my best not to take a person’s dignity (so I’ll scrap with the rapist, but I won’t say anything mean about his mother); and consequences. Treat me badly and I’m gone. Treat me nicely and I’m yours forever.

Which isn’t to say that if I stop being your friend, I stop liking you. Not in the least. Just a matter of self-preservation. People who are self-destructive, eventually become destructive to those around them. I’d rather not be caught in the cross hairs of some one’s issues.

Okay, my tag is done. Technically, I should tag others, but I everyone I know is on some kind of insane deadline, so I’ll bide my time and tag later! 😀