Ahhh, the children must be home. My youngest is home for a two-week visit. It’s really not until your kids come home from University that you realize how quiet and routine your life is…my girls, taking after their father, both have voices that can boom through a football field.

No more was this most shone during a family visit to Fort Edmonton. While the parents went one way, touring one of the homes, the girls went another. This, however, did not mean that we weren’t privy to their conversation. Thanks to The Voice, everyone in the Fort’s house (and we’re talking 2100 square feet) heard the conversation. To protect her privacy and because she’s got 3 inches of height on me, I won’t say what she was talking about…I will, however, say that having a parent who writes romance tends to create a very open atmosphere when it comes to dating…as everyone in Rowand House found out.

So, my little blond foghorn is home and I’m trying to cling to some semblance of a routine. But it’s hard to stay routine when she’ll be gone in a couple of weeks. I want to pull a Grasshopper and play, rather than channel my inner-ant and get the work done. However, I have too many deadlines for me to do anything but hole myself up in my study.

Luckily, with her voice and her dad’s voice, I’m still privy to all the conversations–even with my door closed…