Ever wonder if the roads are a metaphor for life, and the cars are manifestations of the people you see in “real” life? Like, there’s the suped-up truck, jacked up chaise, but if you were to take a close look, all you’d see is a lot of show, and not a lot of substance under the hood? Or the prissy luxury car, parked miles from anyone lest they get a scratch on their coat?

What about the fearful driver, so afraid of others and themselves, they slam to a stop on the merge lanes (i.e. too afraid to take the opportunities life presents them) and screws up everyone coming behind them…then there’s the maniac, screaming through traffic without a thought to anyone else.

Sometimes I look at vehicles, drivers and can’t help but think that the same attitude people bring to the road, they bring to their lives….which explains a lot.

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