As a small fish in the very big pond of writing, I’m still using water wings.

I never envisioned myself as a company owner or entreprenuer, yet in essence, this is what I have become. A small business, and empire of one. I keep track of my expenses, purchase items for promotion…and this the origin of my ‘ah, bloody hell’ moment.

The company I used has made headlines for their–shall we say–indiscretion regarding clients’ credit card information.

Yep, customers are finding all kinds of unathourized purchases on their bills. Isn’t that lovely?

So, not only have I taken the premptive step of closing down my credit card but I’m now out a company.

Darn it.

They were cheap and did great work. Apparently, they’re also sleazy. Double darn it.

Back to home roots efforts and buying software, doing business cards/bookmarks/magnets myself. Not that I mind cutting and pasting, but when I look at the moutain of things I currently have to scale–
two books to edit
one book to launch
one book with editor and waiting for edits
one conference to speak at
one company to consult
two trailers to deal with
two articles to write
one friend’s book to edit
You can see why adding arts and crafts isn’t big on my list.

We haven’t even begun to speak of my non-writing life–a wedding anniversary, animals, daughters, in-laws, family, friends–I’m getting a case of the vapors, just thinking about this.

Ah well, what am I gonna do? Such is life, hey? Little pebbles pop up, adding to the all ready exciting journey of scaling mountains.

Off to break out the scissors and glue…