I’m not a flyer; I don’t pretend to like traveling, and those who know me can attest: Getting me out of the house can be a challenge.

So what made me fly to the other side of the country? Mom’s cooking, Dad’s jokes, and the opportunity to see my siblings and further torment my parents (who says you have to grow up?).

I did it smart, this time. I flew first class…ohhhhhh boy! First Class is the way to go!! I got a seat that was both an aisle & a window, dined on salmon & saffron rice (with real cutlery…lol, so I guess it’s only when I travel coach that I’m not allowed silverware).

It was such a difference. So much quieter, less crowded. I’m really not a pleasant flyer and I truly do try to avoid it (point of fact, as soon as I landed, I launched into the 1000 reasons my family should come see me, rather than I see them), but flying business class definitely takes the edge off (so does coming with carry on and not having to check in any baggage).

Yikes. I think I’m rambling. Yeah, I know, what a shock!

On the writing front…er…actually, there’s been writing. Just not anything I’m thrilled with (though by draft 7, that’ll change)!

Oops, being called away. Have a great weekend everyone!