Kaleb is barking–not constantly, just every once in awhile, I get a yip or bark…it’s been a month since Buddy left and in that time, we realized that Kaleb is blind.

We didn’t know. He totally used Buddy to orient himself in time and space. My dog had his own seeing eye dog.

Since realizing the little guy isn’t seeing (and his hearing’s been going for awhile), we’ve taken to carrying him up and down the deck, keeping him on a leash when we walk, watching him–and debating the line between letting him bump into things so he can figure out the house by feel, and saving him from injury/embarrassment.

Today, however, I had to remind myself as I ran myself ragged catering to him, who I was dealing with. This is my K-Bear, who enjoys telling me when the neighbors come home, when the wind changes, and especially when that dang squirrel is on the fence.

My dog, who believes in blind obedience–for us. He’s smiling and content…I think he’s just having one of those days where he wants to hear the sound of his own voice…he’s quieted down now…lol, what a dog.

He ALWAYS does this. Why is it that a simple thing like his aging should so put me over the edge when it comes to him? It’s not as if he’s any different. I’m the one who’s acting differently, and I run the risk of turning my dog into a neurotic mess because of my own neurotic tendencies…bloody hell.

Another thing to worry about.