Introducing Milo & Murphy. Milo is the one with the black snout (he’s on the left side in the pic where they’re both sleeping).

Milo is about 15% smaller than Murphy, which is really noticable when Murphy hops up on the deck (much to my dismay. I don’t want them jumping at such a young age”no good for their hips) and Milo is left scrambling to get up. He hates it and let me tell you, is SO vocal about his dissatisfaction. 😛

Murphy is watchful and he’s the sensitive one. He looks to see if you notice him, if you’re paying attention, wants to be held and cuddled (actually, they’re both that way), but ayup, he’s the one who’ll lay at wake at night and contemplate the universe.

So, they’re about 9 weeks of age and in full puppy-hood. Total love bugs, completely unaware of how the paws work. Any and all movement MUST be investigated. They use their mouths for EVERYTHING, and are just the sweet beyond belief. 😀

They’ve now been with us for a little over 24 hours, and are quickly learning how to sit, what they’re names are, and we’re diligently working on the game of fetch.

Milo’s at the top, Murphy’s at the bottom.