Over at Dayana’s…

Here’s a little of what I said:

I think every writer is asked the question, œWhy do you write? or œWhat made you get into writing? Answers are long and varied, and usually prompt other questions such as œHow much do you make? œCan I be a character? and œPlease stop talking to me. All I wanted was combo number seven with cola. Am I going to have to call your manager?

So. Why do I write? The usual reasons. I wanted to work in a creative profession, I had stories to tell, and I felt the writing industry was severely understaffed with highly-neurotic, over-achieving perfectionists who are convinced their latest book would be their last. But I also had another, more pressing reason for writing.

I suffer from TNTLS, a debilitating disease that affects over 80% of the population. 80%. That’s a huge number, but true. This statistic is based on years of scientific research, thousands of case studies, and the fact that 75% of all statistics are made up.

TNTLS, otherwise known as Talk First Think Later Syndrome has plagued me all my life. It was an early onset disease”y’know, like from the moment I could speak. I blame genetics (not naming any names here, but let’s all pause and glance at the parent with the double-X chromosomes). As I’ve gotten older, it’s worsened”so much so that it’s a little like Russian roulette when I go out.