So, still no writing (but lots of thinking). Finally feeling better, though still not at 100%, which I find incredibly frustrating. I’ve got notes, paper, and pens strewn throughout the study (along with a hearty selection of cough drops, Ginger-ale, and tissues). Today, I want to do some writing–even if it’s a sentence, even if it’s part of a sentence. I’d just like to feel productive again.
But lest my frustrations spill over and skew my perspective on life, my friend in crime, Dayana , has tagged me with listing six things that make me happy:

  1. Being able to breathe.
  2. Having medication/sick stuff* easily available.
  3. Working from home.
  4. Being with my boys.
  5. A pantry stocked with chocolate.
  6. Friends.

*Sick stuff, as in hot water bottles, blankets, Alberta Health Care…