January is almost gone and February, the month of hearts, is almost upon us. I can hardly believe we’re 1/12 done 2009. Insane. I feel like I’m still catching my breath from 2008–point of fact, I feel like I need 2 more months of 2008 then I can contemplate 2009.
No such luck–the time machine still has some bugs to work out before I can stop and rewind time.
So, as January flickers out, I’m left looking at my first month of 2009 and assessing how well I met the challenges before me. At this point, I’m very pleased with the amount of work I got done–considering I spent the majority of Janvier sick and wretched.
I wish I could have done more, feel like I should have (eek. Those horrible words “should have”) done more, but part of my goals for this year is to be realistic with the things I can accomplish and achieve, and most importantly, to be gentle with myself.
So, in the end, I’d say January was a wicked success.
Bring on February!