I remember this feeling, though it’s been months, months, since I last felt it. It’s the feeling of excitement, of “Yes! That’s it–the plot/character trait/action/beat!!”
It’s the feeling a writer gets when they finally, finally, push through the block and get that epiphany that moves the story. I’m pleased to say that I broke the wall on both stories I’m working on, and that feels GRAND! Actually ran out of ink jotting down all the notes (okay, so the pen was on its final gasp, but I don’t care, it makes for a good story).
God, I feel so relieved, so released from this prison, this constricting cage with no light or air.
Of course, knowing me, I’ll probably detest all these ideas in a few months, but such is the case on drafts 1-7. It’s my divine right to write down every idea, tear it apart, and write down new ideas. I just have to remember that it takes me about two months when I hit a wall, so that’s okay. At least I have a light in this dark corner.