Sleep. Sssslllleeeeppp…I have a vague recollection of that word. It’s meaning has long since escaped my tired brain and practical applications? What would those be?
All four of my furry ones are going through something. Possibly it’s the rush of spring coming, possibly they’ve just gone insane (thus proving their mine).
The puppies (Murphy most of all) has now decided he must, must be everywhere my husband is. When Bear’s not around, the puppies are well-behaved, but as soon as he comes home, forget it. I’m treated to howls a wolf would envy as they cry and yowl for him.
Milo has determined that everyone at the dog park is his default herd and must be herded when they go off in directions different from ours.
Remus has decided that he must eat at 11.35 pm, 2.30 am, and various other times when I am decidedly inconvenienced by his schedule. Never mind that his dish already has food in it. No, he wants the food that’s in a container in my bathroom (lest your mind race at the possibilities of why I have cat food in my bathroom: they stay in the bedroom when we’re not home–they’re still young enough to cause mega trouble. The food I keep as a snack they get when we go out). So while both Gus and Remi have decided this food is superior to the one in their area, only Remi has inherited the noshing gene.
Gus is 4 am, 11ish am, sometime in the afternoon…with him, however, it’s all about play time…which is any and all the time and most especially when I’m trying to sleep. He’s also developed a fierce love of the cleaning gloves and I’m now on my fourth pair thanks to his sharp teeth and ability to open closet doors.
Through it all, the writing continues, slow and somewhat steady…if only I could schedule in some sleep in all of this!!