I think we misnamed Murphy. We named all our boys with one thing in mind, “it suits them.” Augusts (Gus)–he was a Cesar in Ancient Rome. There are many that would discount reincarnation, but I assure you, he’s back and in feline form.
Remus (Remi) was one of the mythical twins who founded Rome. The fact that our Remi’s nicknames include Genghis and Sashimi (a take on Tsunami) should explain everything.
Milo means soldier and he’s definitely our little warrior.
Murphy means descendant of a sea warrior and while I agree he knows how to sound the alarm and charge into battle (before veering away and letting Milo take the lead), he’s not much for water. Nor, truly, is he a battle-minded dog. No, no I think he’s more passive resister than overt warrior.
For example, he’s decided that he will not longer go outside unless we’re with him, nor will he succumb to the kitchen/his den when it takes him away from us (not always). I think the outside thing is the slush.
All of our boys are rescues and apart from Gus, they were given to us at a time when they still should have been with their mothers (however, when safety is involved, what can you do?). Murphy’s very sensitive to sound and I notice with the melting snow, he’s completely freaked by the sounds of cars driving through slush.
All that aside, now, when he doesn’t want to do what we say, rather than running away, he flops down, rolls onto his belly. A Passive Resister if I’ve ever seen one. Gandhi would have been so proud and pleased, and he’s not the only one. My chiropractor wants to erect a statue to my little one on account of my dragging and lifting his 50+ lbs has got me seeing her more often!