Been debating seeing some 12 step program for my latest addiction, though I doubt AA will take my obsession with warm milk seriously. But seriously, I spend the majority of my day thinking about night time and my new ritual of having a cup of cocoa before bed.
Last night, I tried to break myself of it, saying I didn’t need it, I was a grown woman, blah, blah, blah. I lasted ’till about 10.15 when the craving proved too much and I was racing to the kitchen, shivering from withdrawal. Husband dived out of my way (the boys, sensing my thundering response in the same way they sense tsunamis, had long since fled to higher ground) and there I was, cursing the microwave for taking too long (screw the stove top method when I’m like this), etc.
I don’t think this is normal. Unless of course, scientists are right about the way warm milk works on the brain. In which case, will we one day look at it in the same way we view alcohol and tobacco? Sell it behind the counter or in specialized store, demand proper I.D., tell our friends, “let me drive. You’ve had two cups of the white stuff.”?
In other news, the writing continues. I’m 20 days into my consistency marathon and things are looking…well, they’re looking anyway. When I’m not writing, I’m working on promotional items and honing my cutting and gluing skills.
Trying to get some reading done. Thought I’d found a great new author, but three books into her series, and I’m ready to throw the book against the wall. The heroine is supposed to be married–happily, blissfully married–yet, in EVERY book she develops some sort of mega crush on some random guy in the story.
This I don’t get. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I can see finding another man attractive, wondering if circumstances were different (maybe), but full blown crushes when you’re supposed to be 100% in love with your spouse?
I know people who’re 100% in love with their spouses. While they’ve commented on the attractiveness of this or that person, I’ve NEVER known them to crush on that person, let alone do full-on flirting/day dreaming/fantasizing the way this character seems to do. She always finds SOME reason it’s okay, and maybe I’m old-fashioned or too new age. But Dr. Phil & Oprah talk about emotional cheating and it strikes me that this is exactly what this character does. I don’t get it, don’t like it, and am quickly losing all desire to join in her adventures, no matter how charming the author writes.