On Thursday, Bear & I came across a woman who’d found a lost dog. We stopped to lend her our cell so she could call the city, etc. At the same time, we ran into our vet, who was also walking her dog. The lost dog seemed to have a hurt leg, so our vet stopped her walk when we asked and did a prelim. investigation of the lost girl.
Fast Forward to Saturday:
I stopped at the flower shop by our bet’s office to buy the vet a rose for being so sweet and letting us interrupt her walk. I got a yellow rose and as the guy was wrapping it, we chatted about why I’d bought it. All I said was that it was for my vet who’d helped with a lost dog.
So, I drop the rose off, then go back to the car and realize, I left my keys at the shop. I go back and the guy says, “So was the dog who was lost yours?” I told him, “no,” then gave him the run down on the lost dog, how frantic she was, how by her collar we knew her owner would be frantic (she had up to date tags. She was also very well fed and maintained), how I lent the girl my cell and helped her track down the city department, and most of all, how great our vet had been for giving the dog the free exam.
The guy says, “Okay, wait a minute.” He goes back into the flower cooler and comes out with 6 red and 6 pink roses, and baby’s breath. He says, “Now, they’re a week old, but I want to do this.” And I’m thinking, what a nice guy. He’s going to give me the roses for the vet…or maybe (I’m hoping) at a huge markdown…
Anyway, he wraps them up, hands them to me and says, “You didn’t have to help the dog. These are for you.”
I was so stunned at touched and I think I blubbered thank you and left before I started crying.
The roses are beautiful. They’re called Intuition and I’ve never seen roses like them before. The office smells gorgeous and the cats are eating the greenery as we speak. 😛
Anyway, just wanted to pass on the story as a reminder that despite what the news tells us, the word really is lovely and full of unexpected kindness.