Flew out East on 1st class. Amazing. Not only for the leg room, and lower ratio for person:bathroom, but even the food. While the rest of the plane was eating cold, hard sandwiches, we were dining on salad with balsamic dressing, succulent steak with sauteed mushrooms, scallop potatoes, chocolate and warm buns…what cracked me up (besides the warm towel and wet toilette…uh, how clean are we supposed to be up in here) was the real cutlery and dishware…including knives. Apparently, 1st class are not terrorist threats…oh, and the whole “we have to feed you pretzels because of nut allergies” thing? Am I wrong or did the cashews they fed me not classify as a nut?
I was watching television and there was an ad for allergy meds. In the ad, the woman sticks carrots up her nose while the narrator talks about the length people will go to in order to prevent allergic reactions, and a big sign came up at the bottom that said, “dramatization. Under no circumstances try this.”
And I thought, poppycock. I think we should ban these warnings. If you’re stupid enough to try shoving carrots up your nose to prevent allergies (and excluding little boys who will try anything), I say go for it. Do you really believe your truck is so powerful it can cross the Grand Canyon? Good. Try to jump it.
I don’t understand when we decided to cater to the terminally stupid. What has happened to common sense? .
We’re in T-minus 30 days to WordsWorth and even though everything’s basically good to go, I’m panicking a little…a lot…I want to go home and make sure everything’s where I left it, want to go over my notes again, see if I need to add new ones…
And speaking of notes and writing and computers, bought a card reader so I could use my SD card at my parents’ (weird. My card doesn’t fit their slot, the diagonal cut is on the wrong side), and spent 3 HOURS, with my dad trying to download the software for this piece of *$&#. What a waste. I think I could have written an entire book in that amount of time…okay, so that’s not true, but it sounds good, don’t it?