Hitting a work zone with the writing-on both stories.
Work zones. Love and hate ’em. They’re a challenge, but dammit, they’re a challenge. 😛
On one story, I know what needs to happen. I see the image in my head…I just can’t find the words to describe it. On the other story, no image, no words, just blackness. Not helping matters is the gazillion appointments I seem to have this week. Why does it work like this? On the days the writing is breezing through, you have nothing to do but write. But on the days when the writing is bleeding you dry and you want to ONLY sit and work, there are a million things calling for your attention.
So sad. I think this is the most writing I’ve done today.
Sitting in silence in the study, and contemplating my favorite sounds (hoping that if I allow my mind to wander, it will come up with the answers I need).
My Top 5 sounds I love: (in no particular order)
1) Late at night, when I’m the only one awake and hear the sounds of my pets breathing.
2) Rain. I love the sound of rain.
3) Ocean, which I guess is splitting hairs with #2, since they’re both water, but they’re different sounds…
4) The sound my keyboard makes when the writing is going well. Clack, clack, clack…apparently, we have very individual ways of typing and there are programs that can tell you who is typing, based on the way their fingers move over the keyboard.
5) Laughter–the nice kind, not the laughter of people mocking or making fun of someone, the other kind.
Well, that was a lovely exercise, but it didn’t help me with the writing. Ah, worth a try. Off to bang my head against the keyboard once again….now, there’s a sound I don’t like….