Camp was fantastic. The great of the great. And now, I’m back to “real” life and yikes! so much to do!!
First, there’s two weeks worth of laundry to tend to, then the book writing, goal catch up, not to mention trying to re-organize closets that I tore through when packing…two weeks of averaging four hours of sleep (except the odd nights, when I got two hours) and I’m so brain dead.,,,
One night I felt really tired, so while the others went to the river, I stayed behind. After half hour of quiet, though, I wanted to get back to the group. So, ignoring the fact I am directionally challenged, I headed off, remembering the directions, “Go towards the red bungalows, turn at the outhouses, cross the bridge and follow the path.”
Everything was great until “follow the path.” Uh, there were TONS of paths. So I tried to go according to the path I thought we’d taken before. And ayup, got lost. So headed back took another path, ended up in a bank of trees…then a dead end, then another dead end…so I thought, “stop trying to go how you think you remember. Stick to the biggest paths.” And lo and behold, I heard voices! My group!!
Only–ack!–I could hear them, I just couldn’t find them. The path was twisty and turny, and even thought it kept feeling like they were rrrriiiiggghhhhttt in front of me, I couldn’t see them. But I figured, heck I hear the voices. At some time, I’m going to find them (I’d also left a note at the lodge, telling them what I was up to. Hey, I’m adventurous, not stupid and spending a night in the forest with the cougars SO not on my list of things to do before I die)…so yes, stuck to the path, and finally, finally I stepped into a clearing and there they were!
And it made me think of the writing journey, how similar it all is. You start out, following the directions of those who trod the path before you. But then you realize there are so very many paths to take, which one do you choose? So you pick one, and it goes nowhere. You pick another and it takes you away from your destination. But you have faith, you keep walking, acknowledge the fears when they come but you keep walking, and somehow, seemingly miraculously, you emerge into the clearing and there is the place you always wanted to be.