I know it’s the beginning of August and we’re all to be sucking the last bit of sunshine from the air, getting in the hikes, the walks, the swimming, but I have a confession (which I think I’ve confessed before). It’s raining today and I’m so grateful.
I’m all for sunny days with fluffy clouds and warm breezes, but there’s always a sense I should be doing something on those days…something physical and active…perhaps it’s trauma from childhood when teachers would go on and on about, “It’s a beautiful day! Go enjoy it!” Somehow, reading in the shade didn’t constitute “enjoying it.”
Today, with its grey sky and cold, and rain, has been like the return of an old and welcome friend. I can sit in the study, writing without feeling like I’m not enjoying the day. Rainy days are the best. They’re quiet and soft days, meant for reading and writing, curling up for an afternoon nap or even spending the day in bed…
That will have to wait for another rainy day, though. This rainy day is for catching up on the works in progress.