So, yikes. More than an ENTIRE month with NO post. I guess we know how the writing’s going, don’t we?
And the funny thing is that it’s not going bad, it’s just not going as well as I’d like. I blame my latest manuscript, a book aimed at high level readers between 9 & 12, because it came together really smoothly (so I tell myself. Though according to close friends, apparently it didn’t come together so easy, I’ve just edited my memory). Little do they know, I keep a record and I wasn’t nearly as tortured by the kids’ first-three chapters as I am with this latest WIP (Work in Progress).
I’ve been staring at it for weeks and if the damned thing just doesn’t stare back. Rude. I tell you, just rude. The least it could do is make some kind of conversation. I’m starting to think that maybe I’m over thinking (duh. yeah.) the story, but the trick to master: how do I underthink a story? Is that even possible?
So, I’m attempting to finish chapter one by the end of the week (for the 10th time, but who’s counting), and in the mean time, rather than worrying about the edits to come, I’m going to think about who I’m telling the story to, and maybe that will help…it certainly couldn’t hurt at this point.