Nothing makes me feel so productive as being on schedule–which I am back to, with the writing…in fact, the only thing better than being on schedule is being a head of schedule, which I am with the Christmas cards.
This year, I’m going the environmentally friendly route of e-cards, and using the paper cards solely for those with no emails. So, the paper cards are ready, kept myself company by watching t.v. as I did it (which is a dangerous thing to do, because of the tendency to write what I hear, so apologies to Aunt Mage who will be getting “Merry Christmas and I hope 2010 brings you sexual deviates:–truly, DO NOT watch cop shows while writing Christmas cards. For real).
Now that round one of Christmas is out of the way, on to my next big weekend project: Making bookmarks for the division two students. They’re working so hard to write their stories and wwhoo boy! what stories they are!! I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. Their time with me ends in December so I’m making bookmarks…let’s see, what would the math on that be? I have to cut the paper, then do the stamping, stenciling, decorations, add in 120 kids…hmmm, I wonder if MF or CC would be up for a group craft project? Hope so!