What a week…been productive, though in rhythm with my perfectionist, over-achieving nature, I feel like I haven’t been “productive enough.” What does that mean, exactly?
Beats me.
I’ve met my writing goals, haven’t taken a day off in over two weeks, yet here I am, all stressed and neurotic because I didn’t exceed my goals.
This of course begs the quesion (well, it begs a lot of questions, like “does insanity run in the family?), will there ever be a point where I will let myself win? To meet a goal and be proud, instead of thinking of all the ways I didn’t exceed those goals?
The whole darn thing’s culminated in today. I have a day off from the school, I’ve met goals…wouldn’t this be a good time to take the day off? As in, no writing, no housework, no administration…it would..so why am I sitting here, debating which WIP to start?
I bet the answer lies in a big bowl of chocolate.,..