So, the running joke with a bunch of my friends, is my latest manuscript. I’m trying something new.
So, the old thing was this: I divided my friends into groups (stick with me, it’s not going to get weird or anything). One group, I would use as sounding boards as I was writing my stories. They were great for figuring out plot issues, character development, etc. The other group were “cold” readers. I didn’t talk to them about my story because I wanted them to read it with no preconceived notions.
Now, my new thing is to write completely on my own, not talking to anyone. So, the running joke is that everyone’s calling my book “The book that dare not speak its name.”
But here’s the funky thing about not talking about it.
The writing is going REALLY fast.
I think it’s because I’m desperate for someone to read it, and since I can’t let anyone see it (and by anyone, I’m not counting my husband. I broke and let him read the first part. Now, the heat is really on because he needs to know how it ends) until I’m done, I need to be done.
Like, today.
Never mind I still have a bunch of chapters to go. I really need a writer’s input on the book, so I’m writing like mad.
I just christened chapter ten, and I’m off to finish it so I can get to chapter eleven. But I just had to blog to you, because I finished this really sweet scene–you know the kind. You’re the writer, but you’re basically swooning as you write it, not just because it actually is coming out as you see it, but because the characters are at their very best and you just love them for it.