Of course, OF COURSE, I find a cat food the masters enjoy, and the company decides to reinvent their frickin’ product. No more chunks and sauce, boys, it’s all meatloaf kind of stuff.

I mean, I’m not a cat, but even to me, that stuff doesn’t look appetizing.

So, a city-wide search has ensued for a new (and still healthy) wet food. I found one type. Of course, it doesn’t have gluten, corn, or byproducts (which is, I’m sure, what my boys loved about the other stuff).

And in other news that makes me wonder about the intelligence of people, there’s an add for a self-filing toy for cats. In the ad, one woman says, “I was so desperate about her clawing the furniture, I considered the unthinkable, getting her declawed.”

And I have to tell you, until then, the company had me. But when they had the actress say that, I thought, how incredibly stupid are these people. DECLAW the cat? You really have someone saying that OUT LOUD?!

For God’s sake, it’s amputation, not de-clawing. Call it by its true name.

Having that in the ad made about as much sense as someone advertising for a counselling center and saying, “I was so desperate about Johnny’s acting out, I considered the unthinkable, having him lobotomized.”

Really, people. Why are advertising companies so clueless sometimes?