So, I know television tries to tempt women with visions of young, hunky men, all buffed and ripped, and hey, I’m not going to argue. There’s a time and place for yummy eye candy. But my super weakness has always been the way older man with a sparkle in his eye. You know the kind I mean. He’s in his 70s or older, but there’s a charm and joy about him, and you just can’t resist. Same with the female counterpart–I’m totally girl crushing when I meet older women like that.

I tease my husband all the time about keeping me away from senior’s centers–I think there’s just something about someone (man or woman)who’s way older, but has managed to keep their sense of humor and happiness about them.

I think it’s easy to be joyful when you’re young. But as you get older and life starts to disappoint, how much joy and peace can you hold to? That’s why I’m always impressed with the senior set. Sure, a super hot young guy or girl can catch my eye, but man, give me a senior who’s comfortable in themselves and their lives, and they’ve got me turning my head in their direction.

So, case in point. S and I are walking the dogs at Laurier and we come across a gentleman with an older lab-mix. Now, the guy (I’ll call him Bill) has got a wicked Irish brogue, and as soon as he starts talking, I’m basically “Oh, you had me at hello.” Anyway, we’re chatting about his dog, and the like, and he goes on to say this:

“I had a friend over the other day and he was admiring Oliver and saying what a beautiful dog he is. Then Oliver flopped down and started cleaning himself. He rolled over and started to lick his penis. And my friend watches for a moment, then says, “Wow. That’s amazing. I wish I could do that.” And I said to my friend, “Well, you can try, but don’t get mad at me if he bites you.”

Frackin’ AWESOME punch line, hey? Totally not what I expected him to say. I started laughing, S starts laughing, and we chat a bit more then go on our way. And I said to my husband, “Man. If he asked me out, you would have had a run for your money.”
And S says, “Hell, if he’d asked ME out, you’d be cooking your own dinner!”

I guess the love affair with the senior set runs in the family.