Weird week. It started snowing on Monday, which just depressed everyone. I think we were prepared for the white stuff in April and March, but waking up to a blizzard (and it was a wicked snowstorm. Whiteout conditions and everything) was just beyond sad. (Terribly sad. A father and his kids died in the storm.).

I’ve felt out of sorts all week. Partly because everything had melted and I thought we were past the point of having to kennel the dogs because of muddy paws, and partly because grey, flat light doesn’t appeal to me.

I thought Monday was wretched, but it’s Thursday and Edmontonians are still out of their element. No one seems particularly happy or joyful. I’ve been wrestling with this edgy energy and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to work on my manuscript or take a day off.

I tried taking the day off…that lasted five minutes because I’m not in the mood to read, watch t.v., or slack off. So, got myself a snack–a peach–and believe it or not, I feel way better. Not nearly so out of sorts.

Peaches really are happy fruits, aren’t they?