Just finished session 3 at Whitemud with some fellow writers. Man, I love hanging out with other writers. They’re such a great source of inspiration and listening to their ideas makes me think of ideas for myself…of course, this is good and bad, because while I’m happy for the new idea, I have to
– Finish a dark romance for one editor (short story)
– Finish a romantic adventure for another editor (short story)
– Finish the middle grade I’m working on (novel)
– Finish the YA I’m working on (novel)
– Plot out the idea I have for a historical story
Not to mention compiling the notes for the romance & mystery classes I’m slated to teach in fall AND work out the details for the newspaper project I’m bringing to the elementary school…
And now, plot out this new YA/Middle Grade story…shoot. I don’t think there are enough hours in the day…meh, I guess sleep’s always been over rated, anyway.