Once again, my overly efficient nature has out clevered me¦I can’t find my notes to my latest W.I.P.  Crud, crud, double crud. I’m a plotter, and granted this one wasn’t as detailed as my normal outlines, but still¦I love having outlines.

They’re great for so many reasons. First off, I get to see the story arc. Second, I get to draw myself a map, give myself a route to look at.  Third, I don’t sit down to the computer every day, joyful with the hours of work to put in. Some days, my brain just can’t get started. Outlines are great on those kinds of days”I don’t have to come inspired because I can read my outline and get re-inspired, and even if it still doesn’t inspire me, at least I have a working copy to write on.

But back to the missing notes¦I must have put them somewhere safe, somewhere that made sense at the time¦of course, that philosophy is what had me looking for my birth certificate in the freezer¦