Seasonal Affective Disorder hits just about everyone in the north. For the past few weeks, there’s been nothing but grey sky, white/grey snow, and the monochromatic landscape has finally gotten to me.

Nothing huge or serious, but there are some signs that tell me, I really need the winter solstice to come, then go, so daylight will come back:

1) I’m pigging out on chocolate. It’s like I can’t get enough happy hormones.

2) I actually slammed back 3 cokes. Usually, I’m a 1/2 a can-a-day kind of girl. I can only chalk it up to a hibernation thing. I think my body wants sugar and fat, so it can go sleep for the next three months.

3) Craving daylight. I can’t be anywhere but the living and family rooms, because they get the most daylight.

There’s probably more signs…loss of energy, etc., but those are the big ones—especially the pop. I’m so not a big drinker…