Watched the A-Team and I have to say this: I’m a romance writer. By my very profession, I come up with insane and creative ways to get my characters kissing, but never, NEVER IN MY LIFE have I EVER conceptualized a scene where the hero throws up and then makes out with the heroine. Like tongue-down-throat-passionate-kissing-kissing.

In other news, I’ve come to the conclusion that writing a novel is a lot like shoveling a driveway. You look outside and there’s all this area to clear, so you put in the effort, huffing and sweating and pulling your back just to make the driveway tidy.

This is just like writing. You wake up to a mess of ideas/plots/characters/settings and you sweat your way through drafts and edits, until you finally have a polished manuscript.

Then you go to bed, content and satisfied, then wake up the next morning to another huge dump of snow that you have to shovel your way through.

Of course¦I may just be saying all this because I’m trying not to weep at the huge drifts on my driveway or the fact that the snow on the lawn is now taller than I am¦