Seriously, if I have to see one more œboy leaves girl because she had a relationship with his brother years before she met him, I’m going to vomit.

So not kidding.

Who writes this crap?  I mean, really, she DIDN’T know the hero years ago”how the heck was she supposed to know she was dating his brother?!

This kind of premise always has a faintly misogynistic feel to me.  When’s the last time you saw a man being dumped by the girl because he dated her sister five years ago? Oh, right, NEVER.

What’s a woman to do?  Say, œOh, Brad, I’d love to date you, but could I meet all of your family right now, just in case you have a brother/cousin/uncle that I might find more attractive than you, or that I may date in five years.  I’d hate to ruin that relationship by seeing you.


What kind of insecure twat puts a woman on the cross for decisions she made (in the name of love and happiness, no less!) years ago? Or months ago?

I could see the guy walking away if she was dating him and his brother at the same time, but really, when she didn’t know about the Hero?  Give me a break.

This just has too many shades of subtle repression, of woman as objects and not persons unto themselves for me to do anything but sneer in contempt.