Walking the furry ones, when Murphy decides to gulp some moldy poop. Do the œhey! command to which he spits out the poop. As I turn away, he gulps it back. Another œHey! and it’s out again¦except it starts wriggling.  ACK! Not poop, just some poor little vole who’s all stunned and traumatized that he almost became dinner.

Go home.  Am in the midst of making breakfast when I hear a horrific”HORRIFIC”scream from Remus. Dash into the hallway. He and Gus were play fighting and he’s got his paw twisted in one of the wrought iron decorative thingies, and”AND”he’s got himself twisted around, so I can’t even tell which paw is caught.  Gorgeous Terrific helped me free our furry child, but seriously, I want to put them all in tiny, little bubbles.