I’ve had the complete pleasure of having my grandkid & my daughter visiting for the past few days.  First off, let me just say there’s nothing quite like baby toes, is there?

My GK is adorable.  They’re also very wobbly. And wiggly.  Put them on their back and their kicking and squirming. Put them in a siting position and their lists like a drunk sailor.  They’re does all this, of course, because they’re figuring out their stabilizing muscles and through a series (a llloonnggg series) of start and fail and start again, they’re going to figure out how to sit. Then crawl.  Then stand. Than walk. Then run.

When you’re writing, fail like a baby.  Try and fail. Then wobble yourself up again and try once more.

No baby ever sat up on their first try.

Why should your novel be perfect from inception?

Fail like a baby, my friends, because that’s the only way you’ll learn how to run.