I had a conversation with three authors this week, which each expressed dismay at their lack of consistent writing.  I empathize: consistency is brutal to maintain¦but it got me thinking of giving a 100% versus giving your best.

100% is a statistic, and frankly no one achieves that in anything.  I don’t think anyone’s ever maintained a 100% success rate with sleeping (right? I mean, some days, you just can’t sleep), or eating (too busy to eat 3 squares). Heck, if humanity could maintain 100% success with pooping, there’d be no constipation or diarrhea remedies.

So, maybe, instead of pushing ourselves to be 100%, we should just ask the best of ourselves.  And some days, that means 30% and some days it means 53%, but if we’re doing the best we can, given the situation we’re in, is there anything more we should ask or ourselves?