Bet that title caught your eye.  Very long story short, this is for all the adults: please, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE, for your family, friends, PPPLLLEEEAASSEEE do the paperwork/preparation for your demise.  This means:

Have a will”no, it’s not just for the Rockefellers.  It’s for you, too. More than who get your dogs painted on velvet, a will gives authority to your loved ones to deal with matters concerning you. CPP, bereavement credits, healthcare”anything to do with the government, they need a will. Please, make one so your family doesn’t have extra hoops to jump through.

Living will”it’s great that you said to your wife, œStella, I never wants to be on one of doz-der machines and have them breathing for me, but unless Stella has that in writing, Stella has no authority when dealing with the doctors.

Sign your organ donor card”or don’t sign it, depending on your beliefs. Just make sure there’s some kind of paperwork about what you want after you’ve died.

DNR/DNI”Do Not Resuscitate is great, but that’s not enough. If you need intubation and there’s no record of you not wanting it, guess what? That’s right, the nurses HAVE NO CHOICE, no mater what Stellla says, but to intubate.  Whatever you do or do not want, you need to have on record.

Compassionate Care”I.Vs, medication, all these prolong your life. If you only want pain management but do not want your life to be prolonged, you need to have this in writing.

Insurance”and the right type. Funerals are really expensive. Insurance can help”but make sure you have the type that covers your expenses.

Okay, stepping off my box, now¦