What a great thing to come home to:

It’s been a bad day. The boss gave you a new project, and your vacation is a week away. It was pouring when you left the office and your umbrella was safe and dry at home. Traffic was horrible, and in order to get home you had to stand in the rain to get gas.

So, how do you recover? You pull out a copy of Sneakers, Sandals and Stilettoes and laugh yourself silly. If any book can improve a mood, it’s Natasha Deen’s SS&S. Two stories of craziness and fun whiz by so quickly, it almost seems over before it starts. Of course, if you’d been able to put it down, it would’ve lasted longer. Not possible.

The Genie’s Curse, the first story, has the charm of magic and hilarity of loveable characters. Shoe-In for Love, the second adventure, lives up to the fun of the first, making for a great mood modification book.

But better yet, don’t wait until that bad day arrives, get your copy now. And laugh yourself silly!