Taking a break from the usual Monday Mechanics blogging to record the ups & downs of my August Writing Challenge, to see if I can figure out any patterns of behavior/writing that can help me boost efficiency & production.

So, the challenge is pretty simple: write 1-2 pages/day. Today I did 250 words (1 page) of writing, but not novel writing¦turns out that in a wild act of being organized, I organized and filed my notes for my story right out of existence.


Spent a few hours reviewing what I have for my story thus far (at chapter eight), did some mild edits & notes, then redid my plot snake and plot 3’s for the novel.

So, I got to my minimum goal, but not exactly the way I wanted.

If I get a chance later tonight, I’m going to try for some writing-writing, but since I’m using this challenge as a way to find balance, I’m also not going to kill myself and play the œyeah, you did some work, but it wasn’t good enough game.

We’ll see how long I last, being gentle and using positive reinforcement with myself¦