Teaching at the EPL last week & got downtown, only to find they’d blocked off the entrance to the parkade & I had to use the Citadel entrance¦fine. Good¦except they’d also blocked off certain doors exiting the parkade and I spent a frustrating (and slightly freaked out) five minutes looking for the exit.

Phoned the city and left a message saying that while I understood the need to renovate, etc., perhaps”for all the women out there who don’t particularly care to be trapped in an underground cavern, by themselves, with no clue where to run should a chain-saw wielding maniac emerge”they’d like to up some signs directing parkers to the open doors.

The city just phoned back to 1) apologize (2) say they’ll pass my suggestion on to the foreman (who apparently, is usually good at directing traffic) (3) say they understood the safety issues of women (part of the renovations is to make the doors easier to see, put non-slip coating on the steps, etc.).

See? This is why I love Edmonton. Hands down, the best place to live! Thanks government workers for listening and passing on my suggestions!


The library parkade has security cameras, guards that patrol the levels, and is awesomely well-lit.