Okay, seriously, how does Marty Chan do it? I’m reading this book and thinking it’s fun, it’s good, and then suddenly, I’m realizing some of the big issues the novel addresses, and once again, I’m amazed at Chan’s ability to talk about important things without preaching.  Genius.

Back to the review.

It’s a great book: funny, socially conscious, appropriate for kids/early teens with enough intelligence to make it a fun read for adults.

My Top Five Reasons to read the book:

  1. The hair references.
  2. The descriptions of humanity as viewed through Barnabas.
  3. Barnabas in the coffee shop looking for food.
  4. Barnabas hiding in the bathroom.
  5. The awesome fact that the sasquatch tribe is matriarchal.

This is a great book & I can’t wait for the next installment.