It’s President’s Day in America and with it, comes the requisite commercials with Abe Lincoln extolling the virtues of pillow tops and 50% off sales..and as much as I enjoy the capitalist system, I can’t help but feel really  uncomfortable when I see these ads.

Abe Lincoln was a fighter. He ran and lost more elections than I care to imagine, and still, he persevered and became one of the most beloved president’s in history. He was plain-spoken with a self-effacing, wry sense of humor (when accused of being two-faced, he famously responded, œIf I was two-faced, do you think I would have chosen this face?).  Despite huge pressure he led the charge against slavery (thanks, Able!) and paid for it with his life.

I’m glad we have a day to remember him, but when it comes to those commercials, I believe his memory deserves more.