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Angel Baxter’s move from Georgia to Miami was intended to bring peace and calm, but for the past three months, she’s been reluctant mediator to her nana and their eighty-five year-old neighbor. Between ripped up azalea bushes, wrecked bird baths, and her grandmother prancing across the lawn like a deranged pixie, Angel’s nerves are frayed. She’s got more problems than a three-legged cat in a dog pound.

Unexpected help shows up in the sexiest form: Harry Garret, the neighbor’s gorgeous grandson. The gardener offers his hand in the negotiations, and the rest of his body on a date at a French restaurant. When Nana’s pranks go too far, will Angel lose out on more than peace and quiet, but also on a chance at love?

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 53
Word Count: 12512


The man grinned, and his white teeth set off blue eyes framed by dark, swooningly long eyelashes. œGrandpa? Sure. Come on in.

Grandpa? Please Lord, that this man was moving in to help out his kin the same as I’d done for Nana. œI don’t believe I caught your name.

œHarrison Junior, Harry to my friends.

I smiled and did a coy-meet-his-gaze-drop-mine-bat-my-eyelashes that would have made all the Southern belles back home raise their mint juleps and cheer. Sadly, that was where my femme-fatal moves ended, but maybe it was enough. œI do hope we can become friends. I’m Angel.

He gave me a smile that almost melted my shoes. œYou sure are.

Mmm. The Southern Belles would be eatin’ their hearts out if they saw this. I know I was.